Cafeteria Information

Meal Prices: Breakfast $1.25 / Lunch $2.25

Menus: Breakfast and Lunch Menus are available at the cashier station in the cafeteria. We will have assorted whole grain cereals and a hot item for breakfast. For lunch, we will have two hot entrees, PBJ, and three assorted salads.

Pre-Payments: Parents can pay by check or cash between 7:00am - 2:00pm. Parents can still use But, there is a small fee for using it this year.

Special Diets: We will be happy to accommodate customers who have a doctor recommended Special Diet.

Food Allergies: If your child has any food allergies, please inform the school nurse and the cafeteria with that information. Specials accommodations will be made.

Outside Foods: Please do NOT bring in any foods from home. That includes cupcakes for birthdays. We must comply with the district rules on wellness and safety.

Eating with your child: If you want to eat lunch with your child, you must sign in at the front desk and get a visitor’s pass. If you choose to sit outside at the picnic tables, you are not allowed to have other students join you unless a note from the parent is provided.