Dress Code

Unified Dress Code for Treasure Coast Elementary

We are committed to establishing and maintaining a safe environment where the focus is on academics. It is the intent of the school and the district that students will be dressed and groomed in an appropriate manner that will not interfere with or detract from, the educational process. That is why we will be continuing with a Unified Dress Code for the upcoming school year. Studies have shown that a unified dress code policy will promote safety and enhance the learning environment. We want you to be prepared as you start school shopping this summer.

Dressing for success is easy!

Tops: Any solid color collared "polo type" golf shirt. No logo unless it is a Treasure Coast Elementary logo. TCE's colors are red and yellow so those colors are preferred but to make it easy for families we are allowing any color. Shirts must be tucked in. Solid Color sweatshirts or solid color sweaters may be worn in class if a child is cold.

Bottoms: Uniform shorts, skirts, skorts, solid colored jumpers, Capri's and/or pants must be khaki, navy blue or black. Skorts, skirts and shorts must be finger tip length and jumpers must have collared shirts underneath. Belts must be worn with pants and shorts in grades 2-5.

Fridays will be "Spirit Day". Standard blue jeans worn with a Treasure Coast T-shirt are permitted on Fridays only. If you don't have a TCE shirt, your child will need to refer back to normal dress code.

Feet: Standard Tennis Shoes (low or high-tops) and SHORT, SOLID COLOR SOCKS must be worn every day. No knee socks or tights.

COLD DAYS: When the temperature is 50 degrees or below, students may wear standard blue jeans, tights or leggings under skirts or skorts. Again - 50 degrees or below.